Primark Haul

Hey huns, I hope you are all well as always.
So I have recently made a trip to primark to have a look around and pick up a few bits and bobs. As always I ended up buying things I was not planning to buy, but luckily I did not go over board with the purchase. I’m sure you know what I mean.

But anywho this is my mini primark haul.

Primark SOSU false eyelashes in Paris


RRP Β£5.00

Faux fur cushions in Aqua
I have been wanting these cushions for ages so finally I picked them up I think they’ll look cute with the rest of my cushions.

RRP Β£7.00 each

img_9562.jpgUmm… so this was a picture I toke as soon as got to my room, please excuse the fact that I was not bothered to move my other cushions before taking this picture.

Rose gold baskets..
These baskets are perfect for gift hampers. so I picked up about 3.

RRP Β£5.00


Some more PS false nails in: Pink lady & Antique stone

IMG_9602RRP Β£1.00

I have genuinely been loving primark false nails, ever since I did my primark false nails review for you beauts.

Oversized/ Cropped jumper in “gold”Β 

IMG_9595I think this is more yellow then gold to be honest, but I absolutely love it! It feels so soft and light I know for sure I will be wearing this out when its slightly warmer out side and already know I will be picking up some tops like this in different colours just because it is so comfy.

RRP Β£5.00

Pink chiffon blouse

RRP Β£6.00

Chiffon blouse in Sky

RRP Β£4.00

Stripped Chiffon blouse

RRP Β£4.00

The three items are pretty much all the same just basic sleeveless blouse that I love wearing with a black high waisted body con skirt or high waisted jeans. They are pretty much my go to looks on a daily basis. So it always nice to have a few different shades and patterns to choose from.

so thats about it huns, do let me know down below if there is anything you have picked up from primark lately and have been loving.

Till next time take care, stay well & stay beautiful.

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