Shop My Picks? #Prespringshoppinglist

Hey beauts! As always I hope you are all well?
So today I have put together a list of things I can not wait to purchase for spring, yes it is mostly clothing pieces but definitely let me know if you like to see another just for beauty products. I am definitely trying to go out of my comfort zone this when it comes to fashion so I would love to hear what you think of my picks?


Blouse with embroidery detail

Click here to purchase RRP £19.99


Pink high neck long sleeve skater dress

Click here to purchase  RRP £15.00


Mila Faux Fur Pom Pom Jumper


Click here to purchase  RRP £22.00

Plus Alex Open Shoulder Woven Swing Dress


Click here to purchase  RRP £20.00

Tall Elena Floral Print Scuba Midi Skirt


Click here to purchase RRP £16.00

Zoe Waterfall Duster


Click here to purchase RRP £18.00

Petite Olivia Longline Duster  &  Alice Woven Pocket Duster

Click here to purchase RRP £20.00


Three Stripe You’re Out Pants – Black/Red/White


Click here to purchase RRP $29.99

Thaleia Pants – Black/White

Click here to purchase $32.99

Vibes Cropped Crewneck Top – Brick


Click here to purchase $22.99

I am still on the hunt for more pieces, do let me know what you can not wait to purchase for spring.

Till next time stay safe & stay beautiful.



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