Juvia’s Place The Magic Platte #Review

Now, I know what you are all thinking, and yes I am sorry I have not been posting as often as I used to. I honestly have been super busy with work lately, but I will definitely try my best to put up at least one post a week.  Anywho, I hope you are all well?

It has been said “Juvia’s Place is the brand behind the high-intensity pigment-rich palettes and deluxe brushes that transform your make-up look and leave you feeling like a queen.”

Over the past year or so I have been eager to test out their palettes, as they are cruelty free, and have bold and bright shadows and out-of-this-world shimmers for every skin tone.



The Magic palette RRP £30.00
Click here to purchase

This palette contains 16 gorgeous shadows with a mix of warm and cool tones as well as  matte and shimmer.

  • Nubia – Metallic yellow gold.
  • Zakiya – Matte orange toned red.
  • Osun – Pale metallic pink.
  • Kesi – Matte beige.
  • Zuba – Metallic medium pink.
  • Nana –Matte orange toned brown.
  • Boronu – Metallic bronze gold.
  • Kogi – Matte red.
  • Faso – Duochrome lilac.
  • Aja – Metallic khaki green.
  • Vai – Metallic dark grey.
  • Yemoja – Light metallic grey.
  • Ife – Deep matte purple.
  • Yara – Metallic turquoise.
  • Buzo – Metallic green.
  • Yejide – Matte navy.


When I first opened this palette I instantly knew that I would love Zakiya & Nana and that Zuba was definitely calling my name. If I’m being honest these are usually the shades I gravitate to most often, and I have many palettes with similar shades to these.  So what made this palette so special?

I swiped my fingers lightly across some the shades and found them to be a lot more pigmented then what I imaged although this picture does not do justice to the richness of the colours however it does showcase how extremely soft and silky smooth the shadows are.


Some shadows did swatch better than others and the matte shades were slightly more powdery however there was next to no fall out and they were just as easy to blend out as the shimmer shades.


I have been using this palette for the past month or so and it has been great, not only for me but also for my mother and she has not got the easiest eye lids to work with but I was genuinely surprised to see how the shadows did not settle in her fine lines. The fact that they last through the day without losing their intensity is just an added bonus. I have been able to wear these shadows for over 12 hours and dispite having days wear it has been pouring down like typical British weather these babies have not budged a bit.

So this palette is a definite yaaas from me and I can’t wait to try there other products, if you are from the uk you will probable want to keep an eye out for sale on beautybay because they are always doing amazing deals on their products. Don’t forget to follow me on all my social because i’m always updating you lovelies on the best beauty deals that are taking place.

Till next time stay safe, stay beautiful.

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