peachy palette goals! #review

Hey huns, so you’re  definitely going to want to put this palette in your basket for payday. I hope to keep this one short and simple but girl … I’m not promising anything.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 22.48.23

Finding quality products with a great price point isn’t always easy, particularly eyeshadow palettes. From my own experience, most eyeshadow palettes that I have come across from the drugstore or based around the drugstore pricing always lack one thing or the other I.E pigment, bendability or even just colour range. Of course, there are some exceptions and this brand is definitely one of them.


Okay okay… I’ll stop know lol, so recently I came across the brand Karity cosmetics I pretty much feel as if this brand is nowhere near known, as it should be. To be honest I hadn’t even herd of them till a month ago and know I have one of their latest palettes in front of me, which by the way I fell in love with the moment I saw it on Instagram.

Anywho, here is my review and swatches of their Just peachy palette.



 15 different shades, all of which are different interpretations of peach, from light to dark, shimmery to matte for only $25.

They are also cruelty Free – Vegan – Paraben Free.

Click here to purchase

Although it’s a powder eyeshadow palette every shadow is buttery, super easy to blend, highly pigmented and definitely long lasting. They remind a little of the colour pop super shock shadows without the creamy texture.


With and without flash




Umm… Swatching the Karity shadows wasn’t really enough for me I had to see whether they could hold up against the British weather, so of course I ran it under hot and cold water because obviously thats what you do when you get a new palette but this is what happened.




Yep, it was still just as intense so I guess I can be reassured that this palette will be perfect for the upcoming months and even its raining I can still expect my eyeshadow to be looking lool Yaaas 😛

So, yeah be expecting some fall looks which I will be uploading in the coming weeks on my instagram @Haleemaabegum so make sure to follow me on their. Overall I honestly have been loving this palette I feel as if the quality is great and its a great price definitely worth a try.

Let me know down below what you think this palette? Will you be giving it a go?
Whats your current favourite eyeshadow palette?

Till next time stay beautiful, stay safe & keep on sharing.

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