Colourpop Haul

Colourpop cosmetics were having another new release during the end of July 2017. It was about time they finally came out with their own brush and concealer line. So, of course I could not wait to get my hands on them. All my past experiences with my orders have always been great unfortunately the this time I to wait around 4 weeks for my order to come through 😥 but its finally here.

So here’s what I picked up:


Blush Brush & Stippling Brush

Although there is around 15 brushes in their collection I only picked two of their brushes, just because these where the brushes I am most likely to use.

Yes Please Eyeshadow palette x2

I picked this up only because I wasn’t able to get my hands on it the last time round. Also, I decided to pick one up for my lovely friend can you believe she hasn’t tried Colourpop shadows before!

Bronzer and Highlighter in Afternoon Delight & Here kitty kitty

They also released new bronzer and highlighter shades so I just went the swatches I saw online and picked these two.

No filter concealer in Rich 75, Rich Tan 65, Light 5 & Light 20 

Instead of purchasing all their concealer shades I only picked up their darkest and medium to dark shade. I also picked up the lightest and light to medium as these are the most commonly requested shades in any concealer range plus I’m sure I’d get the best use out of them as the darker shades can be used to cream contour/bronze up the face. I also plan on using the lightest shade (light 5) for highlighting and the light to medium shade (light 20) for concealing.


Liquid lipsticks in Extra toppings, Sizzle & Top 8

I believe they also launched six new shades of which I picked up three. Of course, it’s because these were the shades I am most likely to wear, like come on girl nobody’s got time to be wasting money on products they won’t use. I defiantly try to avoid purchasing products I won’t use but obviously sometimes you just can’t help it.

Also they added in a mini lippie stix for the delay in sending out my packing.

But yeah that’s all hun’s I hope you all have enjoyed viewing my haul, do let me know if would like to see swatches.
I would love to hear what you think of my blog posts so far please do let me know down below and let me know what your favorite Colourpop products are and click on the links above to purchase any of the products mentioned.


Till next time stay well hun’s & keep on sharing.

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