Contact lenses Haul & Try on

I’ve had a coloured lenses obsession since forever and i’m always on the look out for more.

I had never tried the fresh go brand so it was amaizing to find them on which I also have never used before lol. I spent ages deciding on the shades I wanted, but eventually I decided to purchased 3 shades, Topaz, Verde and Azul.



Click here to purchase


I loved this shade so much that I even wore it on my best friends wedding.
Makeup By Hena_bee



Click here to purchase



Click here to purchase

I’ve been wearing these for about a month now and they are valid for a year. However, I’ve loved them so much that I have had to purchase two backups of the shade topaz because i’m scared I might tear or lose it.

I can’t explain how comfortable they are and how natural they look in natural lighting. I definitely would recommend these click on the links above to view were I purchased them from.

(All pictures were taken by me)


What is your favourite coloured lenses brands?
Do you prefer natural or vibrant coloured lenses?

I hope you all are well till next time,
stay well hun’s and keep on sharing


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