On Wednesday, we wear pink! #Mytopfive

#Mytopfive Colourpop liquid lipsticks / Pink/mauvey shades  

Here’s a list Regina would be proud of LOL. If you’re not a dark lips kind of a girl, then don’t you worry hun I’ve got your back, here are my favourite pink/mauve liquid lipstick shades from Colourpop Cosmetics.



If you’re wondering why I chose pinks instead of nudes or browns for my first colour pop recommendations, truly it’s because I find their lighter and pinky shades to be the best in formula, plus I love wearing pinky shades during the summer.


I find the lighter shades to be creamy, long lasting, even in coverage and consistency. They are my got to affordable everyday liquid lipsticks.

Bumble, Calypso, Donut, Clueless, Lumiere 2 (top to bottom)



Click here to purchase.

I can’t wait to review their newest releases so stay tuned for that.

Hit the the like button to see more swatches from colour pop cosmetics swatches, also i’d love to hear whats your favourite affordable liquid lipstick brand?
Leave a comment down below for other products you will like to see a review of.


Stay well hun’s and keep on sharing

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