Beauty blender dupe? #PrimarkBeautySponges

So usually when I hear “it’s beauty blender dupe!” most often my honest reply is “yeah if you so” because quite frankly the beauty blender has been my favourite tool to blend out my makeup since forever and I can’t seem to find anything that could possible replace it.

Yes of course there are some sponges that come close, like the Real techniques miracle complexion spongeย which is a great affordable alternative. However there are some reasons as to why it hasn’t replaced my beauty blender. Firstly, I find my self using a few extra pumps of foundation when using this sponge and when your spending almost ยฃ30-ยฃ40 on a bottle of foundation that you use everyday of course you’d like it to last a bit longer. Also there isย a noticeable difference when it come to the bounciness of the sponges the Real techniques one is just not as bouncy so I find it to not squeeze out water as well as the beauty blender.

Anywho I’m really here to talk about something else… I’ve searched several primark stores for these sponges yet their always out of stock!
BUT, the Westfield Primark finally came throw for your girl and I was able to get my hands on them.

Lets be honest I had no hope for these sponges but i’ve heard way to many great reviews to not give it ago, plus it was only ยฃ2.50!

There are two orange sponges that are the same size, so it makes it easier to compare the sponges (damp vs dry). I think straight away I realised the larger sponge wasn’t for me, as it is much more dense and less bouncy then the other two. both the smaller ones grew considerably in size and are actually pretty bouncy.

But what important is how they blend out my makeup I tested all three sizes and found that the largest one is defiantly not my type of sponge it reminds of the inglot sponge.

Whereas the orange is honestly isn’t that bad but still I don’t think it will replace my beauty blender because it retaints a bit of water when you try to squeeze it out.

However guys if you can mange to find the smaller primark sponges in a set of 4 ย then defiantly pick it up because no one needs to be spending ยฃ14.50 on Micro mini beauty blenderย ย when they can have exactly the something for less than a 1/4 of the price. I absolutly love the smaller one it literally feels like a genuine beauty blender. Of course I will be stocking of this for sure.


Hey so have you tried these sponges? if you have what do you think of it?

Also what other ย beauty sponges would you recommend?


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