Primark False Nails #Review

So on my most recent trip to primark I decided to pick up some false nails. Honestly i’ve never picked them up before because I had always assumed they would not be worth the try as they were only a Β£1. Also I’ve always had a hard time with false nails just because of how fake and hard they feel as well as the fact that every time I have tried a pack of false nails they were either too big or too small. -_-

But since I’ve been asked to review them I thought why not. In total I picked up 4 pairs.

img_6415-e1498840445120.jpg img_6201.jpg


What I love is that there was an amazing selection of colours and styles to choose from.

Each pack comes with its own glue, so I thought I should try it too as most glues that come with false nail packs are usually pants!


OMG guys these actually feel fine, their so light you can’t tell that there on I literally was not expecting them to be comfy considering they were only Β£1 okay know thats a bargain! But obviously I had to know if they were durable. So I went downstairs and did the ultimate test, (WASHING UP DISHES) of course.

IMG_5349Β Guess what there still on and actually they lasted me two days before they began to fall. Thats pretty cool considering I used the glue they provided.

Out of the four these chrome ones in the shade Meteorite are defiantly my fave! Chrome is so in atm so defiantly go check them out. These are so worth the Β£1 and are a bargain if are looking for something that is wearable for everyday.

Let me know what you think of these nails?

What your primark essentials?

What would you like me to review next?



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