5 Struggles of having a Pinterest Obsession!

Pinterest Obsessions

Pinterest is the inspiration heavens for all us creative/imaginative girls out here, its the go to place to plan our summer wardrobes that we’ll probably never be able to afford yet still have time to design/plan our own imaginary weddings at least twice a week.


If you haven’t got a clue as to what I’m talking about, it’s the place us girls go to become a self-certified interior designers/ wedding planners/ stylists and even chefs. Like I could so win MasterChef UK with all the recipes I’ve pined over the years. Okay lol, not really but it’s essentualy an online bulletin board where you can get creative and create mood boards by pinning images that inspires you.

There are way too many reasons for why I love Pinterest but here are some struggles all us Pinterest lovers will understand.

1. The rules?
Of course we all know the basic Pinterest protocols but there isn’t really any specific rules to follow. So am the only one who is left feeling slightly stuck sometimes, like do I really have to follow my friends back, can’t I just live my imaginary Pinterest life in peace, I mean obviously your amazing but your pins aren’t just my faves. #nooffence

2. The intense weddings planning without even being engaged!

Wedding boards

I’ve come across way too many board names such as, when he asks, one day, my future wedding, if he asks, my happily ever after and the list is endless. Like seriously what does a girl have to do out here to get proposed to. Oh well, it doesn’t really stop us from planning our perfect day over and over again and I know my girls out here who aren’t sharing their wedding boards on their public Pinterest profiles – don’t worry your secrets safe with me of course “it doesn’t exist.” 😉

3. You completely understand the feelings of a Pinterest DIY fail.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 04.10.03
Food Goals

Seriously tho get ready to relate!

How many times have you tried the whole picture perfect desserts, drinks, breakfasts, brunch, lunches to only fail miserable because your local WORLD food store just decided they don’t want you succeed in reaching you Pinterest goals. As they don’t really stock exotic fruits, oh well you guys are still pretty cool but just note your the reason why my pictures never live up to the perfectionist standards of Pinterest.

4. That feeling when your home/rooms just don’t give you the feels anymore.

Interior goals

I’m always changing my room decor and I may love it for know but every time I make a new board i’m always left feeling unsatisfied because my Pinterest life expectations are just too high for reality. Its just like my makeup collection its never complete, there is always something else to add and I have Pinterest & Instagram to thank for that money saving tip. #Crying

The makeup heavens
The makeup heavens

5. Pínjà vu !

You know, that feeling you get when you pin something and you think you may have pinned it before. Yeah that one, its pretty annoying right?

I guess those are all the struggles we all deal with on Pinterest and yes maybe I haven’t mentioned the fact that most of us end up missing a whole nights sleep because where to busy clicking see more pins, but thats ok because its not just a site filled with pictures. Its my holy grail for daily inspiration from fashion to food, its a way of life.

I hope you liked this post its slightly different to my other posts so defiantly let me know if you would like to see more like this. ❤



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