HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette #isitworthit?

Huda Kattan was born and raised in America, and moved to Dubai to start up her business ‘Huda beauty’ now known and recognised around the world for her range of false eyelashes and liquid lipsticks and more recently added highlighter palettes. I too am a fan of the Youtuber/Blogger she is a true inspiration and it just goes to show dedication and loving what you do can take you far.



The rose gold edition 18-shade eyeshadow palette, has a mixer of buttery textured golden and pink/rose shimmery metallicย shades as well as gorgeous matte brown/burgundy shadows. The minute I first saw this palette I knew Iโ€™d have to have it, well can you blame me? Itโ€™s pretty hard to say no when all your favorite Youtubers and bloggers are raving on about it, I was obliviously left with no choice but to purchase it the minute it launched on The palette retails for ยฃ56 and can be purchased all around the world and in the UK, it is being stoked in major department store such as Selfridge and Harrods.


HudaBeauty - Rose gold edition palette
HudaBeauty – Rose gold edition palette


I still remember that moment the palette had arrived, I literally could not stop smiling and obliviously the postman knew it was another makeup item but he still had to drop it in front of me. For a second I almost froze but then picked it up thinking it would be fine, until I opened the package and almost cried! I had been so obsessed with the colours that I have not noticed the actual palette is made of cardboard and I know there nothing wrong with that but when youโ€™re paying ยฃ56 for a palette I guess youโ€™d expect something that a bit more durable.

Rose gold edition palette
HudaBeauty – Rose gold edition palette

Nevertheless, the eyeshadows themselves have been great the colour range is what drew me to it in the first place. The textured shadows arenโ€™t my favorite if Iโ€™m truly honest but the matte shades are spot on however, there are some shades are slightly powdery/chalky than the others as you can see in the swatches below but easy to blend, they defiantly are pigmented and last throughout the day.

FullSizeRender 6ย  ย ย FullSizeRender 8


All in all, I’m still a huge fan of Huda and her products and the more I use this palette the more i’m loving it.


What do you think of this palette and the HudaBeauty range?

Would you like to see more reviews of this brand?



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